BELTERMO wood-fiber insulation boards

BELTERMO Wood-Fiber Insulation Boards - completely ECO-friendly product.

It is one of the first industrially made insulation products. Despite serious competition from mineral fiber and plastic foam products today they gain market share in Scandinavia.

Why using BELTERMO Wood-Fiber Insulation Board:

• Wood is a sustainable raw material
Its processing is not very energy intensive.
It’s ecologically sound.

• It increases living comfort
The thermal capacity of wood is much higher than that of
mineral fiber or plastic foam, hence Wood-Fiber Insulation
Boards protect much better against summer heat.

• It supports uniform interior climate
The thermal conductivity of Wood-Fiber Insulation Boards
is not much affected by moisture which enables diffusionopen
wall designs. Picked-up moisture will be released
over time without problems.

• It fits into the system
For buildings based on wooden constructions a Wood-
Fiber Insulation Board ‘fits into the system’.

The raw material for the production of insulation boards are wood chips. They are fiberized in a conventional steam refiner and dried in a flash dryer.